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Hermit's Rest - Arizona Territory, 1887 --

An immigrant Irish girl and a veteran lawman battle for their lives when they stand between one man's obsession and the Lost Adams gold.

Desperate Straits- Reviews

"Squires’ briskly paced romance crackles with energy thanks to well-drawn characters and settings ... Squires’ use of historical details bolsters her settings, particularly the depiction of everyday life in the Arizona Territory ... A well-developed romance wrapped in an engaging and fast-paced Western, complete with strong protagonists, colorful settings, and superb historical details."

           — Kirkus Reviews, March, 2016. For the full text of the review, click HERE

"... Ms. Squires is indeed a fresh breath of air in what has become a stifling environment in the genre. She knows the west, and can describe the locale, the period, and the people of the time intimately. Her feminine insight (I'm ashamed to admit I didn't think a woman could write a western.) added tremendously to the story, rounding out the character of Sarah Ryan, making her three dimensional, instead of a flat, incomplete caricature often found in Westerns ..."

          — J.L. C, Reviewer Netgalley, February, 2016. For the full text of the review, click HERE

Can she fill the hole left by Louis L'Amour?

"... Ms. Squires brought a feminine POV to a character that could easily match up to Louis L'Amour's Echo Sackett or Mary Breydon. If you don't know those characters, you aren't well read in the Western genre. Sorry. However, female characters portrayed by a woman are much more well-rounded than those portrayed by a male author. Ms. Squires is to be commended for this ..."

          —  J.L. Callison, Amazon, January, 2016. For the full text of the review, click HERE

"I found Desperate Straits by Janet Squires to be a wonderful meeting of Lonesome Dove and a Nora Roberts historical romance. The spunky optimistic Sarah is the very type of pioneer woman that made the West great. I loved her spirited Irish nature in the face of taunting situations ..."

​          — PSusan W, Reviewer Netgalley, January, 2016. For the full text of the review, click HERE

"This book was calling to me, chock full of a lot of my favorite things—a strong heroine from Ireland, with a love for horses (and the no-nonsense experience to boot), headed on a journey to the American West to see her sister after their father's death, and throw in a love interest who shares my last name, for good measure. I had to read this book. And thankfully, the author did not disappoint ... Kudos to Squires—a great storyteller. Looking forward to a sequel."
          — Story Circle Book Reviews, October 2015. For the full text of the review, click 

"... If you like westerns filled with terrific character development and gripping action scenes, believable dialogue and touches of humour, then, like me, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading this book." 

          — Western Fiction Review, U.K. September 2015. For the full text of the review, click HERE

Peacemaker Award - 2015 Best Novel Finalist

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